TARGET AUDIENCE: Top two tiers of Organizational Leadership. ie. Chief Executive and his direct reports


This program provides opportunities for leveraging best practices in Organizational Leadership and developing sound leadership skills.  This a flagship VIPCG program, led by international trainers and specialists in Strategic Leadership, and Leadership Behaviour.

The primary charge of an organizational leader is to provide direction and ensure that the mandate or mission of the organization is being achieved.  As simple and straight forward as this sounds, there is over-whelming evidence that a large number of top leaders fail and the majority of top leaders are mediocre performers at best.  There is no natural born Strategic Leaders. It is a skill and an art  that has to be learned. 


  • Strengthen ability to provide strategic leadership
  • Increase ability to navigate leadership challenges in the  role
  • Develop sound leadership skills to tackle organizational challenges


After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Have a greater understanding of the organization’s strategic context and the ability to align with and contribute to it as the top leader
  • Proactively challenge the status quo and identify needed change and mobilize the organization to change and anticipate, capitalize on and drive changes.
  • Create innovative partnerships that span the enterprise and reach beyond its walls.
  • Become a genuine team player and effective influencer of others to get things done through shared leadership
  • Transform the organization for significantly improved results while systematically influencing development of talent across the enterprise
DAY ONE Introduction to Strategic Leadership
Leadership Assessment Debrief
DAY TWO Understanding Organizational Leadership
Understanding Organizational Images
DAY THREE Leading Change Developing
The Organization and Its People
Personality and Leadership Behavior
DAY FOUR Building High Performing teams
Effective Team Leadership
DAY FIVE Understanding Personality and Leadership Behavior
Building a Personal Development Plan in Light of New Learning

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