TARGET AUDIENCE: Managers, Team leads, Departmental Heads and Project Leaders


A team is a group of people put together in pursuit of one common goal. Every team has a leader whose role is to provide the direction, cohesion, and guidance necessary for the team to achieve performance. A team leader manages the flow of day-to-day operations of the team, manages team dynamics, resolves conflicts, motivates team members, coaches members for performance, and more. Most team leaders quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the demands of the role as soon as the team starts to task, mostly because they are untrained. The purpose of this training program is to prepare team leaders to provide effective leadership to their teams by exposing them to the critical leadership skills they need.


  • Train participants on the roles and responsibilities of a team lead
  • Train participants to enhance team leadership skills
  • Educate participants on the necessary tools and techniques to lead a team
  • Educate participants on team motivation
  • Train participants on managing team dynamics
  • Train leaders on conflict resolution


After attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Have a clear understanding of the roles and duties of a team leader.
  •  Exhibit improved team leadership abilities
  • Communicate instructions clearly and effectively to the team
  • Build influence as a team leader
  • Define task and motivate team members
  • Assess team needs and create opportunities for growth
Introduction to Team Building
Understanding roles in a team
Understanding why teams fail
Roles and responsibilities of the team leader
Assessing the team
Developing influencing skills
Leadership characteristics
Managing and motivating team
Effective Team leadership ModelĀ®
Understanding the four layers of team leadership
Intervening in team leadership dysfunction
Developing a high performing team culture
Managing team performance through goal setting and alignment
Fostering effective communication
Resolving conflict in teams

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